Which transport way is cheaper? Express freight or air freight?

Express shipments are much faster than classical air freight shipments. Moreover, express shipments with a weight less than 500 KG are cheaper than sending your shipment via air freight. This break-even point depends on the carrier and the season.

I want to send my shipment directly to Amazon. What do I have to consider?

We can send your shipment directly from our Chinese warehouse to your preferred Amazon warehouse. Shipping to Amazon for FBA includes the following requirements:

  • Each item must be labeled with a barcode for storaging in Amazon warehouse. Possible barcode types are EAN barcode or a FNSKU barcode which can be created via Seller Central.
  • Each shipping carton must be labeled with a FBA label. This contains FBA shipment ID, shipper’s contact details, Amazon warehouse contact details, and the box number of the shipment.

If the shipment does not have the labels mentioned above, Amazon will not accept the shipment for inbound. The item labels do not need a FBA shipment created in Amazon Seller Central. Labeling your items can be done by us or your supplier.

For creating FBA labels a FBA shipment in Amazon Seller Central must be created. We will send to you the required information about amount of cartons, measurements and weights. With these information you can create FBA labels and send them back to us. Afterwards we will label the cartons for you and send them to the Amazon warehouse.