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Getting your shipment from your supplier to you can be extremely complex and hard to handle. Countless different challenges can lay on the way:
  • Has your product the estimated quality?
  • How does the product get to you with the lowest possible costs?
  • Who takes care about the customs clearance?
  • What happens by the time the shipment arrives at the import harbour?
  • And there are many more questions to answer…
KW-Logistics will provide you with the answers to all of these and other questions and will get your goods shipped to you. Don´t further waste your time on logistics, but concentrate on your core competences. We take care of the dispatch preparation, the customs clearance and the shipment.

Cost- and runtime-optimized dispatch. We will meet your wishes!

Your goods can be sent directly to you. To save on transport costs, we can consolidate your shipment with other shipments. You will benefit from the lower transport costs.
Do you need a part of your shipment urgently? No problem! We will determine the optimal transport type for you and split your shipment to different transport routes (express airfreight, classic airfreight, rail freight, sea freight). You will receive your partial shipments at the desired times with the biggest cost efficiency, without your running out of stock.

No annoying discussions with customs. We take care of this!

Depending on the export, import and nation, there are different requirements for your shipment, e.g. Material, purpose, origin, and more. Even properly completed customs documents can lead to numerous specific questions.

We are going to handle the complete customs process for you: from the preparation of the customs documents and trade invoices to the customs clearance procedure. We are the contact person for the customs and relieving you of any time-intensive post-processing. Our customs experts solve the problems before they arise.

Shipping to your customer or Amazon? We do it!

We will gladly prepare your shipment according to your wishes (sales packaging, labels, etc.) and send your goods to your customer. This saves you a stop at your warehouse, an extra shipment and thus a lot of money!
We also send your goods directly to an Amazon shipping center worldwide. Are special Amazon prep services required before shipping? Feel free to contact us. We will help you.

Protection of your suppliers data. Promised!

Leaked Bloomberg documents show, it is clear that Amazon plans to re-engineer their entire global supply chain – from the Chinese factory to the customer. Here we start: We do not grant shipping information to Amazon.  We will appear as the sender of your shippment, so that your suppliers data is protected anytime.

Low priced sample shipment? No problem!

Sending samples from China to Germany is often associated with enormous and disproportionately high shipping costs due to the rather small shipments. Through our consolidation service, we can achieve highly attractive freight rates for your samples. We collect your samples over a predefined period of time and send them on the desired transport route.

Help and support around the clock - in China and in Germany . We are here for you!

Our experts in China and Germany will be at your service at any time. Whether in German, English or Chinese language – we will advise you and discuss your individual wishes and ideas with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us!