Warehouse Services Germany

We store your goods in our warehouse for you. Please ask us for any questions.

The goods receipt includes the unloading of the goods at our warehouse in Germany.

The quality inspection has to be individually fitted for each customer, since different requirements for the quality inspection exist depending on the goods and the customer.

If necessary, the goods are shifted to europaletts (maximum pallet height: 120cm, maximum pallet weight: 400kg) and stored.

We label your Amazon products for you with the required ASIN or EAN labels.

The packaging of the articles in sales packaging material is charged on request. The sales packaging material is provided by the customer.

Shipments to an amazon shipping center must be marked with an amazon label.

The goods issue includes the removal and the provision of the goods for the transport.

National and international shipping can be arranged. The costs are calculated on request. Pallet and package transport is available.

Summary of logistics costs

The logistics costs include all incidental expenses incurred before and after storage.

Service Costs
Goods Receipt On request
Photo documentation On request
Quality inspection On request
Storage On request
Labeling On request
Repacking On request
Shipment preparation (FBA) On request
Goods issue On request
Shipment On request